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My name is Ugo Cei and I am a fine art, travel, and landscape photographer from Italy.

If you want to know more about me in particular, you can head to the About page, or you can read below to discover what this site has to offer.

The site you are looking at now started, like many others, as a blog where I dumped my thoughts and musings in a not very organized way. I was basically writing whenever I felt the urge to and it mostly served as my private writing outlet.

Over time, though, I noticed that people were coming here via Google searches, looking for something specific and for answers to their questions, were they about a location, a photographic technique or advice about a piece of equipment.

So I started to think that, in order to better serve those visitors, I had to reorganize, revision, edit, and clean up my content. So started a long process, with many nights spent at the keyboard, whose aim is to turn a haphazard collection of blog posts into a useful resource about travel and photography. The process is not finished yet, so you can expect more, if you decide to return.

Ugo Cei


The main areas of the website are the following:

  • Travel Stories

    Articles about travel destinations and what is interesting about them, from a photographer’s perspective. Discover!

  • Learning Resources

    Tips, tricks, and techniques about photography. Read more.

  • Photo Tours

    Some of the photo tours I lead, either with my own company, Mediterranean Photo Tours (see below) or with others. Read more.

  • Galleries

    A collection of my best photos. Here you will be able to buy prints soon. Visit.

  • Blog

    All of the articles, in reverse chronological order. Browse.

External Resources

Here are some external websites that are connected to this one and that I am currently involved with. Feel free to have a look.

  • Mediterranean Photo Tours

    If you want to travel with me to some amazing locations and improve your photography skills, check out my tours company: Mediterranean Photo Tours

  • The Traveling Image Makers Podcast

    A podcast that is all about conversations on travel and photography. Visit.

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