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Welcome to the website of Ugo Cei, fine art, travel, and landscape photographer. If you were to ask me what do I do, I would say that I am an educator who helps photography enthusiasts sharpen their skills, so that they can take amazing pictures. Feel free to browse the sections below. There’s a lot in here!

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Improve your photography skills with our collection of articles about all aspects of technique. From fieldwork, to composition, to post-processing.


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Travel Stories

In this section you will find stories by photographers who have traveled the world, their best photos and tips.


Travel Photography Podcast

I am the co-host of The Traveling Image Makers Podcast.

Every week we interview a photographer or host a roundtable discussion on all aspects of travel photography: from planning to scouting locations, from security and the economics of traveling, to how we can travel responsibly and sustainably, with tips about the best equipment, how to interact with people and how to pack light and efficiently.


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If you want to travel with me to some amazing locations and improve your photography skills, check out my Photo Tours page.

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A collection of my best photos.


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Photographers

Are you struggling with your photography? Not getting the accolades and the success that you think you deserve? Then maybe this is for you.

The 7 Habits Bootcamp is a FREE series of seven weekly lessons, delivered right into your inbox, each one detailing one of the practices that make photographers successful, with the rationale behind it, some real world examples of photographers who follow it, and a set of exercises for you to do in order to become familiar with it.

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