And Then A Miracle Happens

I was walking around with my new Fuji X100s the other day and decided to enter this ancient church to shoot some architecture. I initially took some shots of the central nave towards the altar, then moved towards the back of the church to take some detail shots, then finally turned around facing the entrance and saw this:


St. Michael's Basilica, Pavia, Italy

St. Michael’s Basilica, Pavia, Italy


Due to the extreme contrast present in the scene, I set the camera on auto exposure bracketing for 3 shots at -1EV, 0EV, and +1EV, but I didn’t have to create an HDR image, as the +1EV image was completely usable. True, the openings in the façade are blown out, but there wouldn’t have been anything interesting there anyway. I did create an HDR later to bring out the texture in the masonry and some people might like it, but I prefer the natural look of this one.

F/4.0, 1/30s, ISO 2000.

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