Best Nine of 2015 and My Workflow on Instagram

I was never much into Instagram, but when I looked at my neglected account some months ago, I discovered that I had accumulated about 700 followers by posting basically nothing. Nice, I thought, maybe if I start posting some nice pictures, I will gather more followers.

About a hundred posts later, I have now 1,400 followers. I guess I could do more, if my interaction there consisted of something more than posting an image once in a while, but my time is limited and I can’t really dedicate more time to Instagram right now.

One thing that I should mention is that I will rarely post a photo taken with my phone. Maybe iphoneography is not for me and I can’t help but noticing that photos taken with a “proper” camera and carefully post-processed look much better than iPhone shots, even on an iPhone screen. So my workflow for posting with Instagram is basically as follows:

  1. From my Lightroom catalog, I select an image that I have already processed and that looks promising and create a virtual copy of it.
  2. I crop the virtual copy square. I know Instagram now allows non-square photos, but I’m old school and still think that square ones look better on the medium. To each his own.
  3. I add the image to a collection that I dubbed Instagram. The collection is automatically synced with Lightroom Mobile.
  4. I launch LR Mobile on the iPhone, wait for it to finish syncing, select the new image and then click on the Share icon, then Open in… and select the Instagram app.
  5. Sometimes I apply some extra filtering, but most often I leave the image as is, add a description, some hashtags and possibly a location, then post it.

I have also set up an IFTTT rule, based on this one by Nicolesy, to automatically share my Instagram post to Twitter with the image included. This is much better than the default IG-to-Twitter share function, that doesn’t include the image in the Twitter post.

That’s it, but to end this post, let me just share a collage of my best (where best is defined as having gathered most likes) nine Instagram photos of 2015, produced by the website:

2015BestNine Ugo Cei

Are you on Instagram? If so, let’s connect. I’m @ugocei.

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