Found Light, Made Light

A photographer once mused that he only shoots with available light, meaning “any damn light that’s available”. I was reminded once more of this when the week started with more of the usual dose of fog and grey skies. Not one to be easily deterred, I took my speedlights out of the closet, set up some props with objects I had in the house and shot away.

Things I re-discovered: shooting a flash through a glass filled with ice and liquor creates some very interesting light patterns that you can use to draw the eye.

I much prefer to shoot outdoors, however, and was very happy when the weather started getting better, with crisp, blue skies and puffy clouds. Backlit conditions can be tricky, though.

Things I re-discovered: digital technology is so powerful that it allows us to make the best of difficult light conditions, using bracketed sequences and HDR.

Sometimes, luckily, the stars align perfectly and your week closes with the most colorful, fiery sunset ever and you get a shot that needs almost no processing at all 🙂


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