Getting A New Camera…

…without spending a dime. Sounds impossible, right? And yet, this is more or less what Fujifilm is giving owners of several models of Fuji cameras, including my X-E2, which will get the following:

1. New Classic Chrome Film Simulation

Everybody says Classic Chrome looks great. I am mostly shooting RAW, but doing more and more JPEG these days, so maybe I will do even more JPEG. I would have actually loved to see this on the X100s, though.

2. Interval timer shooting

Nice, but what I would need to get rid of my external intervalometer is the option to take exposures longer than 30″. Doesn’t look like this will be possible. Bummer.

3. Enhanced wireless function for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices

This is awesome. Can’t wait to try it. Will work great for when I set the tripod really low and don’t want to lay on the ground to check the composition and the focus. Makes a tiltable LCD not necessary.

4. AF+MF. “AF+MF” function enables seamless manual focusing. After half pressing the shutter to autofocus on the subject, fine adjustment can then be made using the manual focus ring.

Super awesome! I had this on my Nikon AF-S lenses and was disappointed in losing it when I switched to Fuji.

Owners of other models get similar enhancements and even more. This is just breathing new life into old models and, as far as I know, Fujifilm are the only ones doing this regularly and with so many features. Bravo!


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