Greek Sunrise

I shot this image early summer morning in Monemvassia, Greece, just as the rising sun was beginning to paint the medieval city a soft pink.

Monemvassia Sunrise

Monemvassia Sunrise

Later that day, I proceeded to climb the rock you see on the right, not once, but twice and I can tell you that it’s steep climb, especially when you do it on a hot summer day with a heavy backpack full of photo gear. The view from above is great, though, and will repay you of all the sweating and swearing.

The original version of this photograph is a stitched panorama, 14,213  pixels wide. You can’t see it here at full resolution, but I’ve uploaded it also on Google+, where you can use the scroll-wheel or the trackpad to zoom in on a desktop browser and appreciate all the details. See the post here.

In the past few days I’ve posted other wide panoramas on Google+, exploiting the fact that it alone, among other social sites, lets you zoom into large images with ease and I think this is just awesome.

See more wide panoramas from me here, here, and here. The last one is more than 24,000 pixels wide!

Also see this one by Jason Joseph and this other one by RIcardo Lagos.

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