‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’

I went to see a concert by an Aerosmith tribute band yesterday night and I thought that would have been a perfect opportunity for giving the Fuji X100s a hard time, while at the same time not looking like that guy with a DSLR in the front line.

I started shooting RAW on auto ISO with a max ISO of 1600, but I quickly realized two things: First, I would have burned through the only 16G memory card I had pretty quickly. Second, setting the minimum shutter speed at 1/30s was too slow for freezing the band’s motions, so I switched to JPEG and a fixed ISO of 6400, aperture priority at f/2, hoping for the best.


Rock concert photo


What can I say? I am impressed with the results. Auto-focus and auto-exposure were spot-on 99% of the times, and noise very well controlled. The X100s didn’t certainly miss a thing!

Aside from image quality, here are other positive points:

  • I shot more than a thousand images and a handful of videos, filled the card once, deleted some stuff and kept on shooting. All the while, the battery did not give any signs of exhaustion.
  • Bright and sharp view though the EVF.
  • Shooting at 6fps in JPEG mode lets you capture a long sequence without filling the buffer.
  • Small, lightweight, unimposing body is perfect for concerts.


Rock concert photo

The not so good:

  • The fixed 23mm focal length is very limiting even if you are just beneath the stage. I can imagine the X-Pro1 would be a killer camera for this application.
  • The audio came out crap, completely saturated as it couldn’t adjust the gain to the very loud volume emitted by the speakers at close distance.

I am going to listen to music again tonight, classical this time. If I can sneak some shots in, I will certainly report on here about the outcome.


Rock concert photo

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