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I ‘F-ed’ the Rule of Thirds

Give us something new. Give us something to be jealous of. Create your photograph based on the situation you are being presented with at that moment in time. Put emotion and feeling into it, instead of some stupid rule.

– Jay Goodrich

The so-called Rule of Thirds is a crutch and the sooner you get rid, the better your photography will be. It is like training wheels: good for when you’re learning, but a limitation when you can ride without.

Custom Display Settings Menu

Reading Jay Goodrich’s article made me realize I still had the framing guidelines turned on in my camera. These were actually very helpful when my camera didn’t have an electronic level, as I would mostly use them to make sure the horizon wasn’t crooked. Now that it has one, I don’t need them anymore, so I turned them off and I think you should too.

Besides, I just love centered compositions.

Stone Forest

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