On Going The Extra Mile

I was reading this post by Ken Kaminesky yesterday and it reminded me of how often we must do extra work to get that special picture, even when we’re tired after a day’s work, red-eyed, and jet-lagged:

Take it from me, you’ll never regret going the extra mile to get that next cool travel photo. Chances are you’ll not just have a great new images to be proud of but pushing yourself to see and experience more can lead to some really nice memories and life experiences. These are just a few of the reasons to love photography.

Some of my best images where taken during business trips, after a long day’s work. That’s probably why I have so many blue-hour, urban landscapes in my portfolio.

When I took the image below, I had just finished a long and very stressful business call, but I still wanted to get something out of a pretty horrible day, and I don’t regret having climbed the hill of San Miniato al Monte in Florence after sunset to get this iconic panorama.





Next week I am traveling to San Francisco for work, which means more jet lag and red eyes, but I will try to exploit any opportunity for photographing that I can find.

Do you have similar stories? If you do, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hello Ugo,

    I just added you to my Google+ & Facebook. What you said about going the extra mile & doing extra work really resonated w/ me. Today driving to Lake Tahoe, we passed these 3 trees on the freeway that had hundreds of birds in them. It was such an unusual site! I couldn’t get my husband to get off the highway & turn around. I got to thinking, this could have probably been my Nat’l Geographic shot of the century. Why didn’t we stop?

    Anyways, I’m going on an extensive trip in Sept. to Seattle, Tokyo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, the Maldives, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Marrakech & NY for 3 weeks. I shoot w/ a Canon 5D MIII. What lenses would you recommend I take w/ me & when/when not should I use a tripod? My camera is new since Dec. Do you use tripods when you travel? I’ve only used Canon G10 or G1x when I’ve traveled extensively, except when I was in So. Africa. I love landscape, portraits & macro photography.

    I’m looking forward to perusing your photography. Your cover photo mirrors me in that I love my Mac’s & wine.


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