On The Fuji Interface

Nathan Wright:

Had the X-T1 boasted single-servo AF tracking and reliable ad-hoc AF-ON functionality, Daniel may have been able to stick with the X-T1. AF is more than just speed. A good AF system should offer the user reliable, tactile feedback. That system should override both manual focus and shutter release. When an AF-ON button is depressed (preferably with a long, soft push), the lens should make calculated, decisive movements. When the button is released, AF functionality should be cut. A professional system should allow the user to divorce the shutter release from the AF system. And a turn of the focus ring should always override AF functionality.

I think Nathan raises some valid points here. I am frustrated by the different button layout whenever I switch between my X-E2 and my X100s (but it’s not like other brands’ interfaces are much more consistent) and I miss having a dedicated AF-ON button and instant AF override on my lenses, as I had on Nikon.You can live with those shortcomings, but Fuji should listen to this and fix them. Nikon and Canon have shown the way; why take a step back?

Fujifilm X-T1

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