One Thing Leads To Another

I’m on Time Out London‘s mailing list and, since I’m going to be there this weekend, I read their latest issue with attention. Turns out there’s an exhibition of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 in Greenwich, not far from where I’m going to be, so I jump to the web page and browse the gallery. Nice.

Looking at the 4th photo, I seem to recognize the place, and indeed it is Durdle Door in Dorset, where I’ll be the weekend after this one, for the UK Seaside Photowalk. Very nice.


Archway to Heaven by Stephen Banks

Archway to Heaven by Stephen Banks (Copied with permission)


I also look up the author, Stephen Banks, on G+ and find he has shared his photo on here too. Super nice.

Finally, I fire up Focalware on the iPhone and check that there’s a new moon on the 5th. Frikkin’ awesome! Now let’s just hope the skies will be clear then.

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