Two Photographers

Two Photographers

Just a funny portrait of two photographer friends, captured during a recent photowalk in Verona.

On this occasion, I had brought with myself just the nifty X100s and the SB900 speedlight I used to use in my Nikon days. The greatest thing about the X100s is that it has a leaf shutter that is able to sync with flash at any shutter speed, unlike most cameras with a focal-plane shutter that are limited to around 1/200s.

The benefit the leaf shutter gives is being able to use a large aperture to blur the background, together with a fast shutter speed to underexpose it even on a bright summer day. The flash lights up the subjects, making them “pop” from the background.

David Hobby gives here a much better explanation than I could ever hope to give.

Two Photographers

Equipment: Fujifilm X100s, Nikon SB900 speedlight.

Exposure data: 1/1600s at f/3.6, ISO 200.

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