Say Goodbye to Winter!

OK, I will admit that if you live in the Northeastern US and just had to plow snow and thaw the ice on the windshield, Spring still looks like a distant dream, but to us who live in warmer climates, images like the one above will soon be impossible to take, which is a bit of a shame.

For all those who would like winter lo linger a little bit more, at least on their desktops, I’ve created this March desktop wallpaper in varying sizes. All I am asking in exchange for it is that you become a member of my mailing list (some marketers would say my exclusive mailing list, but I’m not a marketer and my list is very democratic) by signing up here.

In addition to a monthly desktop wallpaper you will receive the occasional email with hints and tips about photography. I promise it’s even better than the wallpaper!

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