Standing on the Tripod Holes of Giants

A couple days ago, I noticed the following picture by Elia Locardi on Google+:


I was stunned by the similarity with this other image I shot in May:

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

I was even more stunned when I noticed how the boats in the harbor and even the plants in the foreground looked almost identical. Figuring the two pictures had to have been taken very closely in time, I asked Elia about his picture and he told me he had shot his on May 18th. Mine had been shot only one day later, probably at about the same hour and from exactly the same position! If the pavement there hadn’t been concrete, I would have probably ended up putting down my tripod in the holes left by the legs of Elia’s tripod.

What’s even more interesting is that Elia, in his blog post, talks about “How can we make a unique photo of something that’s been photographed millions of times? The subject is already established, so what’s next?” I guess that isn’t easy, with so many photographers and given the ease with which you can scout iconic places without even leaving your room. In fact, I had researched that spot on the Web and used The Photographer’s Ephemeris application to find out sunset times and direction.

It’s not surprising that Elia found himself there in the company of other four photographers, whereas I was very lucky to have the place to myself alone.

If you don’t know Elia, please do visit his website, Blame the Monkey, or his Flickr stream, and add him to your Google+ circles. His pictures are just great and he’s a master of HDR and post-processing.

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