Stop Worrying And Shoot!

Thom Hogan just gave us his insights on the future of the digital camera industry and the verdict is that it doesn’t look bright.

Seriously, this is not good news. It means that the constant iteration we’ve been seeing must slow down, and in slowing down that will just slow down camera sales, too. At the moment, absolutely nothing is breaking the spiral downward towards the ground.

My considerations, as a Fuji X-Series user:

  1. If Fuji ever release a full-frame camera, they will do it in order to raise prices, when they start seeing their sales numbers falling like everyone else, not because it’s technically superior. I don’t need a full-frame camera and most photographers don’t need one either, but that won’t prevent many from thinking they absolutely need it and shelling out money for it.
  2. In the medium-long term, we should expect to see less innovation. Fuji’s current rehashing of old models (X100T, X-T1 Graphite) and no hints of an X-Pro2 might already give us an inkling of the future.
  3. What we have now is already insanely good. There was never a better time to just go out, shoot, and forget about gear.

I am officially joining Thom’s “I’m done spending, I need to go shoot” week. Well, I would if it weren’t raining.

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