The State of Mirrorless, Ep. 27 – Erika Thornes

Don’t you love water, especially moving water, as a photographic subject?

I certainly do and can never let an opportunity to take photos of rivers, streams, waterfalls or the sea pass.

Water moves, creates reflections, crashes on rocks, drops off heights or gently falls from the sky and each time has the potential to make a photo more interesting, if one knows how to properly capture its elusive qualities.

I was reminded of this recently, while having a conversation with the lovely Erika Thornes, a photographer from San Diego who specializes in underwater photography. Erika spends countless evenings at the beach. She captures life as it unfolds, especially near the water, above or below. She has been recognized as a leader in silhouette photography, teaching others how to convey emotion and a story through their images. Erika is a contributor to The Photoshop Show, as well as This Week in Photo, and was the featured gallery artist for the Google+ Moment that Matter gallery show in San Francisco.

In the video below, she explains everything about what it takes to bring your camera underwater for a surprisingly small amount of money. If you ever wanted to try this genre, there has never been a better time to do it!

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