Updates to the PhotoPress Production affaire

You might recall my entry about the issue with the refund I was expecting from PhotoPress Production. Well, I am still waiting, but there have been some updates.

First, Rui M. Leal, a photographer from Lisbon who saw his workshop canceled too, wrote a detailed blog post calling out PhotoPress Production. Looks like he was more effective than me, as he finally got his money back.

Then David Tejada graciously offered a free workshop in Austria to all the people who were scammed by PhotoPress Production. If you are in the same situation, go read David’s post. He is also planning a new European tour in 2012, so I suggested a stop in Milan. This is the best news I received so far in the whole story: As I wrote, it’s not losing the money that bugs me so much, it’s missing the opportunity to learn from a pro, so I very heartedly welcome David’s comeback.

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