Venice Carnival Photography Workshop 2018

Venice and the Magic of the Carnival

Venice, Italy, February 2018

Join us in Venice, as we explore the romantic city during the days of the Carnival, a festival of colors, perfumes, and music that has no equal in the world.

Venice is a wonder every day of the year, but during the Carnival it also becomes a stage upon which hundreds of performers turn their fantasies into reality. Imagine, if you will, being transported to an enchanted land, inhabited by charming and mysterious characters who move with grace and elegance.

The Carnival of Venice is an event that attracts thousands of photographers from all over the world, each one of them hoping to photograph the beautiful and rich costumes that people wear during those days. Expectations are high, but without in-depth knowledge and the right resources, photographing the Carnival can be a frustrating experience, as everyone has to fight for their spot and their time with the models. Popular locations can be very crowded and it is almost impossible to get a good shot, with the best light and a nice background.

In February 2018 we will be back in Venice for the Carnival and this time not just for one workshop, but for two!

  • Feb 5-10 – The first workshop is all about the beauty of Venice, its churches, palaces and canals. We will explore the city together and show you its most iconic locations in the best light, together with some less well known, but equally stunning spots. This workshop will coincide with the start of the official celebrations of the Carnival, so you will have opportunities to photograph many people in costume, but they won’t be the exclusive focus of your daily activities.
  • Feb 10-14 – The second workshop will happen when the Carnival celebrations are in full swing and the most elaborate and precious costumes are on display. Thanks to the closely-knit relationships we have built with the A-list models, you will have the opportunity to photograph them in hotel suites and palace halls in the course of private sessions, while avoiding the crowds.


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